How Much Ram Do You Need For Gaming?

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Memory is a crucial part of a computer. It allows software like games and apps to save data. In a nutshell, the more RAM a computer has, the more data and software it can store and process simultaneously.

For this reason, having a lot of extra rams is crucial for activities like demanding creative work and gaming. We’ll be concentrating on RAM today. We’ll examine random access memory (RAM), its importance in gaming, the specifications you should look for when buying RAM, and what you dont need to worry about.

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What Is Ram?

Random access memory is referred to as RAM. Information your PC needs to access momentarily is stored in this short-term volatile storage. Any application you open is stored in RAM by the operating system. Then, once you turn off your computer, it erases all of the RAM’s contents. When you open too many programs, a computer with insufficient RAM would run into many different troubleshoots.

How Does Ram Work For Gaming?

RAM is important because your computer can get information from it faster than from your main storage disc. Your hard drive has all of the game’s data, but constantly pulling it from there is inefficient. So, your computer moves the game information it needs to RAM to load the game quickly.

If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM, it won’t be able to store all the game data it needs to run properly. This will cause frame rates to jump and performance to be bad. If you didn’t have enough RAM, the game might not work.

The more GB of RAM a computer has, the more freedom a game has to run without pulling memory from slower storage on the computer.

How Much Ram Do You Need For Gaming?

RAM requirements differ for each game’s specs and format, as the amount of RAM that 

Your need for gaming relies on the games you want to play. For every game, it is necessary to look into the recommended system requirements to get a clear idea of how much ram you will need.


Most games require at least a minimum of 8GB of ram for effective gaming on PCs.If you don’t have at least 8 GB of RAM, you’ll have to settle for standard performance, graphics, and more. Investing in at least 8 GB of RAM is money well spent. With 8 GB of RAM, you can run several programs at the same time. You can open many browser tabs at once, use photo or video editing programs, stream content, and play mid- to high-end games.

Best PC Games Under 8GB RAM

Grand Theft Auto V:60
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:100
Apex Legend:60


The ideal amount of memory for a computer is 16 GB. It provides sufficient resources for heavy gaming and intensive program work, as well as a sufficient quantity of RAM for storing these things. The optimal configuration for a serious player may include 16GB of RAM. When combined with a graphics card from AMD or NVIDIA, 16 GB of RAM can open up a new world of entertainment.

Best PC Games Under 16GB RAM

Horizon Zero Dawn:60
Shadow of the Tomb Raider:60
Forza Horizon 5:50
Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla:60
Far Cry 6:60


Many people think 32GB is overly large. You can imagine the incredible power it has on a gaming PC, considering many game consoles don’t even use close to that amount.

It’s possible that 32GB of RAM would be your ideal if you’re looking for the smoothest possible graphic and performance experience without any stuttering, lag, or other problems. In addition, 32GB of RAM can extend the life of your system, which could lead to money saving. There aren’t a lot of games that routinely require 32GB of RAM right now. The demand for games like Star Citizen, which are relatively new, is extremely high. You can play games with very high graphics settings or handle several players and virtual assets with just 32GB of RAM.

If you want to stream in high definition or play a resource-intensive game, you may need 24 to 32GB of RAM.

Best PC Games Under 32GB RAM

Ark: Survival Evolved:70
Star Citizen:90
Microsoft Flight Simulator:60
Galactic Civilizations 3:60
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:70

How Much Ram Do Games Typically Need?

For most games, 8GB is a good place to start. If you start playing a game with a big landscape and notice lag or choppy gameplay, that’s a good sign you need more RAM. Most games say that you need 16GB of memory to play quickly and well. If your computer has this much RAM, you can change the games you play and avoid problems with lag and stuttering but if you are a streamer and constantly need to record your gameplay, You might need as much as 32GB if you want to edit your recorded gameplay.

How Much Ram Do You Need?

Even if you use your computer a lot, you probably don’t need more than 4GB of RAM. You don’t need much space or an SSD at first if you only use your computer for basic tasks and maybe to play around in Photoshop or web pages. But if you’re an active gamer8GB should be the minimum for most gamers. Anything less than that, and you’ll run into many problems. 

What about 32GB, though? 32GB of RAM sounds like a lot, but the difference in FPS shows why gamers spend more money to add 32GB to their systems. The newest games show that you need at least 16GB of RAM. 32GB is the right choice for you if you use your PC for more than just games or want to be ready for new releases in the future.

Best Gaming Rams

Here are our favorite RAM options. Even though these are the best products on the market, you might find something else that works better for you.


How much gaming memory you need depends on what games you want to play and how many other programs you have open at the same time. Some people might be able to play a few older games on 8GB, but if you like to play newer games and have other things going on in the background, 16GB is the way to go.

In the end, it’s up to you. Remember what works best for you: Do you only play games like Far Cry 6 on your PC? Or are you a fan of multiplayer FPS games and want to know how to get a headshot in a heated online match as quickly as possible? Between 8GB and 16GB of RAM should be the main choice. In either case, there are a lot of choices from different companies and computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 32GB RAM overkill for games?

No, 32GB RAM shouldn’t have any negative effects on how well your computer or games run. In fact, by giving you more available memory, it ought substantially to enhance your gaming experience.

Does RAM increase FPS?

And the truth is that, in some cases, depending on your RAM capacity, adding additional RAM could raise your frame rate. A certain amount of memory is needed to run games. The amount of RAM needed to operate a game might differ from game to game.

How much RAM do I need for high-end gaming?

For AAA titles in gaming, 8GB is regarded as the standard. The need for RAM is growing, though. For best performance, Red Dead Redemption 2 advises 12GB of RAM, whereas Half-Life: Alyx demands 12GB at a minimum.

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