How to Update Graphic Card Driver?

If you have a graphics card but don’t update drives, you are making a huge mistake because the graphics card driver is the essential software that allows the graphical tasks to be performed excellently on your computer. 

To make pc speedy and smother, you must regularly update your GPU drives.

If you are a full-time gamer, you need to keep the graphics driver up-to-date to ensure the best performance. 

 Scroll down to read how to update the GPU driver.

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How to Update Graphics Drivers Using Windows Update

There are many methods to update graphic card drivers. This method allows you to update the CPU driver through a windows update. The drivers in windows updates are approved by windows hardware quality labs (WHQL). The windows update may not have the latest drives, So use the official website for drivers. These are the step that how can you update the GPU driver using the windows update:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Updates & Security.
  2.  Now Open the Windows Update tab. If there are no pending updates, then click on Check For Updates.
  3. The update manager will scan for available updates. If any update is not installed, then quickly install them and see the performance of your GPU.

Update Graphics Drivers Using Windows Device Manager

A device manager is an application that is already installed on a computer. It is also called Microsoft Management Console and manages hardware components such as sound drivers, storage controllers, graphics drivers, and other internal hardware. You can also update the graphics driver using the device manager. Those are the step that how to update the graphic card driver:

Right-click on the start menu and click Run.

Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and click OK to open the device manager.

Device Manager windows pop up, and you see many types of the section now, expand the Display adapters section. It is a list of all the integrated and dedicated graphics drives installed on your computer.

Now right-click the display adapters you want to update and click Update Driver.

Then you see two options Search Automatically For Drivers and Browse My Computer For Drivers.

Select  Search Automatically For Drivers, and it will scan for available updates of GPU.

Update Graphics Driver on Windows 7

It is easy to update the graphics driver using Windows Update in Windows 7. There are simple steps to update the graphic driver, or If you don’t follow the steps, you won’t be able to see the result you want.

  • Open Start Menu and go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on System and Security and then click Windows Update.
  • Press Check For Update
  • It will automatically Search for updates and update your graphics drivers.

3 major graphics driver providers.

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are the three most popular manufacturers that build graphics cards and drives (software). Each offers graphics drivers (software) specifically created for their own graphics cards (hardware). You cannot match the intel graphic driver to the AMD graphic driver. There are significant differences between Intel, AMD, and Nvidia graphics drivers.

 If you have an Nvidia graphic card, you can only download the Nvidia driver, not AMD or Intel. These are the official sites where you can download the graphic card driver Intel graphics driversAMD graphics driversand Nvidia graphics drivers.

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How to Update AMD Driver

AMD’s driver software is supposed to automatically check for updates in the background, and if there is any update, it will alert you whenever the update is on. But if that’s not happening, you can also directly update using AMD Software. Here is the process for how to update the AMD driver manually:

  1. Right-click on the windows desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings.
  2. Click the Updates button at the bottom-left of the window in the AMD software.
  3. Now the last step is to click the  Check for updates box.
  4. If there is any update available, it will automatically update the Drivers.

Those four simple steps show how to update the AMD driver manually using AMD Radeon Software. 

Amd Driver Update

How to Update Nvidia Drivers

In Nvidia drivers, the update will automatically update the driver. If there is any issue, you can manually update using Nvidia Software. There is a simple step on how to update Nvidia drivers

  1. Download and install GeForce Experience for the Official Website.
  2. Login or Create your account to continue.
  3. Now Click the Drivers Tab on the GeForce Experience primary page, which also shows your latest driver.
  4. Click the check for update on the top right corner to search for updates.
  5. Select between Express or a Custom update when prompted
  6. Install instantly if there is any update, while a Custom update requires you to input your preferences.
Nivida Driver Update


Maintaining up-to-date drivers improves performance by accelerating your computer and tuning it for intense applications like gaming. Likewise, if graphics drivers are updated, performance may be smooth and reliable.

As you know, the graphics card is one of the most important components of a computer, it is also necessary to update it to make your PC run smoother and faster there are several ways stated above on how to update your GPU, and none of these update work for you should seek out a professional to update your graphic card.

Frequently Asked Question

Do graphics drivers automatically update?

The answer is yes because manufacturers of Intel, AMD, Nivida, and other GPUs offer automatic updates for their drivers.

Is updating your drivers good?

I recommend you update the driver weekly or monthly because it is good for your pc health and performance.

What happens if I don’t update my graphics driver?

If you don’t update the graphics card driver, it will affect your pc performance, and pc gets lag or bit buffering, etc.

Do driver updates cost money?

No driver doesn’t cost money. The graphics card manufacturers also provide drivers and updates on the graphics card.

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